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Hello Friends!

I'm Annie, your new internet BFF.

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Welcome to my online humble abode. I'm elated that you're here.

The Annie Pursuit is a glimpse into the chapters of my journey as a content creator and a space where I share my musings as an everyday girl optimistic about embarking on my 30’s. Through chronicling my travels, interests and personal style, I hope to inspire my readers to pursue their own unique path to self discovery and hopefully, by connecting with myself, I’ll be able to connect with many of you along the way.

About Annie

Ambitious in her stylish pursuit, the newly “30 & thriving” internet darling created The Annie Pursuit to chronicle her ever-evolving personal style...

It now serves as a platform to explore an insatiable appetite to story tell through her overflowing wardrobe and a digital space to document the chapters of her personal journey to self discovery.

Her style philosophy is defined as a harmonious blend of feminine edge and sophisticated glam.  She aims to deliver dynamic content that speaks to women on a personal level and hopes to empower the everyday girl to be confident in their pursuit towards fulfilling a fashionable life. 

Her optimistic approach to life serves as a reminder to her readers to live La vie en rose — that’s Parisian for “Life in Pink” which would be better translated to “Life through rose-tinted glasses”. The French figure of speech depicts a rosy and blissful state of mind where everything around you is a source of joy, which truly resonates in her creative content and digital atelier.


I use a combination of my iPhone 13 Pro Max and my Olympus Pen EPL-8 camera. 

I am Cambodian/Canadian. Both of my parents are immigrants of Cambodia but I was born in Canada. My Pa also has some Thai blood in him and my Ma has some Chinese roots from her fathers side. Mix that all together and you get… me!

I wear a size medium in most clothes. I currently wear a size 6-8 in bottoms. I am a 36C and usually wear a size M-L in tops/sports bras. I am 5’3″ in height.

I’m always experimenting with different lipsticks and love switching it up often but gravitate mostly to neutral  liquid lipsticks with a matte finish for long-lasting wear. You can read this blog post where I feature my current lipstick combo or follow along on my instagram where I share more of my day to day lifestyle (beauty, home & fashion) through my IG stories.

The proper way to pronounce it is “Oh – Ah”. 2 letters and 2 syllables. However, my fiancé is Ukrainian so my last name will eventually go from 2 letters to 10 letters. Kinda wild to think about!

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